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Soluwise provides technical services to Wireless/Wireline Service Providers including Cellular, PCS, Wireless Broadband, Microwave, WiFi, WiMax, LTE, Fiber-Optic, IP and Ethernet technologies. 

We offer a customized bundle of services and technical expertise in all advanced wireless technologies, wireless network infrastructure, RF/MW design, power engineering, optimization, transport, project management, regulatory compliance, mobile terminals/devices, data platforms, SMS and Video Streaming.

Our professionals have over 18 years of experience in all phases of wireless
communications systems such as:

  • Wireless (RF) site survey, network design, and security solutions.
  • Communications network planning, design and implementation.
  • Convergence technologies and methodologies.
  • Wireless LAN performance optimization and troubleshooting.

Our service includes:

  • Site Survey
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Network Design
  • Project Management


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